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The most luxurious and unique whisky glass for the special moments!

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The Pillarsglass

With new technology changing our quality of life in every imaginable way, we asked ourselves, why not the whisky glass?
From there stemmed the idea for a modern looking, status defining glass that fulfills the European crystal standard to the point that it even goes above and beyond in quality. When you hold your favorite whisky inside of a Pillarglass, you will leave everyone stunned with its mojo.

Unique Design

Because common glasses were becoming too mainstream...

You deserve nothing but the absolute best for yourself!

But there weren’t any beautifully manufactured glasses out there to support your status.

Not anymore!

Because we’ve come up with a glass that’s innovative in design and combines pure Gold (24k), platinum (24k), and white gold (18K) to let you drink your whisky in style.

Whiskey Glass.2325.png


Innovative design that gets all the eyeballs!

Whiskey Glass.2327.png

We’ve changed the way whisky glasses looked for centuries.

With Pillarglass, you get a double-bottom base. The upper layer holds the drink, while the lower base surrounds the whisky with Platinum and Gold.

Oh, and while innovating, we were cautious not to overdo it. That’s why you see a relic that represents the new and the old times.


A whisky glass unlike any other!

With your whisky wrapped in precious materials, you never feel anything less than royalty!

Each glass is plated with the best steel quality to isolate your drink from the precious materials. As a result, you get to enjoy the true flavor of whisky, without compromising on its taste.

And the best part? Pillarglass comes with a 10 years iron-clad guarantee.

Which states that if the pillars' color that holds the glass gets distorted, we’ll return your money.

Whiskey Glass.2322.png

The time has come...

Set the tone.
Sign up for the Pillarglass today and delve into luxury like never before…

Enjoy it. Cherish it. Create memories with it.
Whiskey Glass.2326.png
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